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Summer Term

The Year 6 teaching staff are very excited about the Summer term. There are many events to look forward to and lots of learning to be done!

The school value we are focussing on this term is 'Courage'.

Our theme this term is 'Changing Worlds'.


In Maths, pupils will be completing a transition unit which prepares them for Year 7. This will touch on things like algebra, more advanced problem solving skills, developing their calculation methods and on organising their thinking and working out. We will be doing this through lots of group work and projects such as a theme park challenge and an Apprentice-style challenge.


Pupils will be at first be reading How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell. We will be writing explanation texts as well as non-chronological reports and writing diary entries in character. Our grammar focus will be on consolidating all of our Year 6 knowledge, especially using parenthesis and semi-colons in a variety of ways. Our biggest challenge will be thinking about how to engage the reader and how to change how formal our writing is.

Following this, we will be beginning our transition unit in Year 7. It will be a challenging and thought-provoking unit based around our Changing Worlds topic. the books will be mostly looking at are The Island by Armin Greder and The Rabbits by John Marsden. Both books centre around immigration and fitting in.


This term in science our units will be Electricity and Light.  


In RE we will be looking at:

1 - Noah

1- Parable of the three servants

1- Parable of the tenants in the vineyard

1- Ezekiel



Summer term is all about geography. Our unit is called Changing Worlds and will link into our English work. We will be studying elements of both human and physical geography and describing and understanding many key aspects: climate zones, biomes and vegetation belts. It will cover the effects of erosion and weathering as well as looking at how borders of countries have changed over time and how and why they continue to change.


In PE this term, Year 6 will be doing athletics. We will be training hard to help lead our house teams to victory at Sports Day! 

How you can help


To help us improve our maths we really need to learn our times tables up to 12x12, off by heart as well as our squared and prime numbers. Practising them with us and testing us on them as often as possible would make a huge difference. 


Doing exactly the same with our spellings would also help when we get them on a Friday for our weekly tests on a Thursday. 


Please make sure that our homework is done and handed in on time every Wednesday so that Miss Simpson can mark it and give us all the support we need. 


In Christ Church this year, we are all being encouraged to read more and to enjoy it! Reading with us every day for 10 minutes can really improve our comprehension. Make sure we record our thoughts in our home-reading records.


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