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Summer Term

Welcome to the Summer Term!

The Year 1 teaching staff are very excited about the Summer term. There are many events to look forward to and lots of learning to be done!

The school value we are focussing on this term is 'Courage'.

Our theme this term is 'Space'.


In maths the children will continue to learn about a range of topics including shape, number work (including fractions), position, direction and measurement (volume and capacity).

There will be a strong focus on 'number' this term. Our goal is for all the children to be able to read and write numbers to/past 100. Children will also be learning to count on and back in multiples of 2, 5 and 10. They will continue to find the number before and after a given number. The children will add and subtract one-digit and two-digit numbers. They will be extending their understanding of word problems and improving their mental maths.


In English we are learning all about Fairytales. Students will be reading a selection of familiar (and less familiar) traditional tales. They will be learning to identify basic story elements and summarise the plot using 'beginning-middle-end'.

The children will read, compare and contrast a range of fantasy world settings from different text sources. They will learn to identify objects found in settings that make them different from the world around us. The children will create their own fantasy setting using knowledge they have gained and will try writing their own fantasy story with the events organised sequentially with a problem and resolution.

Later in the term the children will listen to, read and respond to a range of simple poems about space. They will join in with 'performances' of them, with and without music, actions and other enhancements. they will then use some of the poems as simple models for their own writing.

We will still be focussing on basic sentence structure using capital letters, full stops, finger spaces, our phonics to spell words and neat handwriting.


In Science children will be learning about 'everyday materials'. They will explore, name, discuss and raise and answer questions about everyday materials so that they become familiar with the names of materials and properties such as; hard/soft; stretchy/stiff; shiny/dull; rough/smooth etc. The children will also be given opportunities to explore and experiment with a wide variety of materials such as brick, paper, fabrics, elastic, foil.


In RE the children will be learning the song 'He's got the Whole World'. They will respond to how the music makes them feel and reflect upon when and where they feel protected and safe. The children will also learn about the crescent moon and star which form the symbol of Islam. they will learn why the symbol is important in guiding the lives of Muslims. The children will be able to reflect on who guides them. they will also be given an opportunity to learn about Hannukah, the Jewish festival of light.


We will be focussing on History in our topic time this term. The children will be learning about a significant person: Neil Armstrong (first moon-landing). This will for with our topic on space.



We are learning athletics skills in preparation for Sports Day!

How you can help?

Please remember that your child has PE on a Wednesday and a Thursday so they need to bring in their PE kits on Wednesday mornings. They can leave their PE kit at school overnight and take it home on Thursday.

Ensure all homework is completed every week. Homework is sent home on Fridays and returned on Wednesday. if children are stuck they can come and ask Miss Klejdys-Lord or Miss Hayer for help with their homework before it is due in.

Your child changes their reading books on Wednesday. Please read with your child for at least 15 minutes every day.


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